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Blue Synergy offers the advantages of a small team with in-house capabilities that allow us and our clients a lot of flexibility and creative control. Our full service studio is equipped and capable of offering our clients the following range of media production and consultancy services.

  • Food Photography – Hero images to help promote your food and beverage products in advertisements, graphics and other branding material.
  • Architecture Photography – High quality photos with lighting of interior and exterior features of your establishment or property.
  • Documentary Photography – Naturally styled photos of your business to produce relatable images that are great for website photos or coffee table books.
  • Portrait Photography – Ad-ready portraits in studio or outdoors of international standards that can be used in ads, websites and branding out of the box.
  • Event Photography – Event coverage in an effort to capture all the key aspects of an outdoor or indoor activity.
  • Corporate Headshots – Corporate indoor or outdoor portraits to produce consistent and professional looking portraits for business cards, websites and profiles.
  • Lifestyle Photography – Photography to imply the use or effect of a product or service on a targeted demographic.
  • Catalog Photography – Consistent photography of products and food to produce images for catalogs, menus and online stores.
  • Instagram Promotional Videos – Short span instagram content for regular posting.
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising – Highly produced advertising videos for paid advertisement content on Instagram.
  • Animated Event Advertisement – Animated versions of graphic advertisements for web and print to post as a higher engagement piece of content.
  • Corporate Video (Electronic Press Kit) – A video to communicate corporate information such as operations, reports, finances and more for the public or shareholders.
  • Documentary Video – In depth cinematography to display the ins and outs of a product, service, division or business overall.
  • Event Videography – Short production to provide event coverage in a creative fashion.
  • Media Production – Our photography, cinematography and graphic design will produce high quality content for your social media interactions.
  • Copy Writing – We provide our clients with copy writing services on a guideline provided by the client to produce efficient captions for imagery on social media.
  • Social Analytics – Our clients receive monthly analytics report which are keys to provide our clients with accurate and timely information on their social activity as well as provide our team with the information needed to make decisions on following social media activity.
  • Template Design – Our content production facility can produce high quality graphic templates to post various types of different content on your social media. This will ensure that all social communication is carried out in line with a pre-defined brand guideline and increases brand equity.
  • Post Scheduling
  • Interacting with comments and messages based on an FAQ document provided by our clients.
  • Paid social media advertisements.
  • Logo Design – The single most important graphic element of a brand’s identity.
  • Stationary – Fundamentally a business’s stationary reflects the quality of the business’s operations. We can design high quality stationary in order to add aesthetic value of the stationary used internally.
  • Business Cards – Lasting impressions can be achieved by great business card design. High quality printing and designing ensures that business cards produce a higher retention rate.
  • Brochure Design – A multi-page or multi-fold piece of printed material to convey key points of a new or existing product or service.
  • Catalog Design – A single- or multi-page collection of products or food being offered by a business to convey prices and packages.
  • Flyer Design – A single graphic element to communicate specific details about an event, activity, product, service or promotion to a targeted audience.
  • Advertising for Web and Print – Miscellaneous forms of graphic elements according to a similar theme to promote events, activities, products, services or promotions to a broad or targeted audience.
  • Menu Design – Similar to a catalog but with higher focus on design. Design is highly dependent on the look and feel of the restaurant and usually emphasizes on a balance between text and images.
  • Tent Card Design – Typically a multifaceted printed graphic with a different message on each side to communicate a variety of messages to an audience that visits your establishment.
  • WordPress Website – Full service website including web store, blogging platform, content management system, web hosting, domain registration.
  • One page website – Typically built on the WordPress content management system, a one page website is meant to be a landing page with contact details and business/personal overview of the brand.
  • Mobile Website – A mobile version helps tremendously with google search results, the web browsing experience for users of the websites and secures higher retention rates.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing a website to specific keywords and geographic locations is key to ranking highly in search results on google, which in-turn results in higher retention rates.
  • Advertising Strategy – Our team of consultants are available to help you create and improve an advertising strategy that has increase returns on investment.
  • Branding Strategy – A branding strategy is what defines the customer’s experience with your business and helps you collect information about your customers more effectively for future decision making.
  • Design Philosophy – In order for a brand to be consistent across various forms of media, it is crucial for the business to develop and clearly define the design philosophy it adheres to.
  • Content Management – For businesses with available content in large and small quantities, our consultants help sort through the available content and making the most out of what is readily accessible.
  • Content Creation – In order to save costs and lead-times on day-to-day social media content, our team of content creators can train members of your team to produce content in-house.
  • Graphic Template Use – In addition to creating graphic templates for social media automation, our team is capable of training members of your team in handling content using graphic templates and presets.