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Ultimate Car Care

One of the best things about our business is that we get to experience new techniques and we get exposed to other businesses that are as specialized in something as we are. A good example of this is ‘Ultimate Car Care’, a specialty Car detailing business that gives car manufacturers a run for their money when it comes to paint jobs.


When photographing a product such as this in which you must photograph the detail of the product, not the product itself – despite how good the product itself looks, you have two options; the first is to get macro and get the fine details of what the business does or you take pictures that reflect the fine details of the product in a way that a person can understand without having to be explianed. now since this is not a product that we can pop on a white backdrop and just light it in a studio, we had to improvise and create sets and ambience within the space that was available to us. the objective? to create as interesting a reflection as possible.


The reason for photographing reflections in cars which already look good such as Ferrari 458 Speciale, the bentley flying spur, the mercedes S-Class Coupe and the G63 AMG 6×6, was to show people that Ultimate car care removes every imperfection from a paint job that you will normally see on the road. When you walk into UCC and see all these cars you can really tell that their paint finish is extraordinary. In these pictures that we took it looks like we have photoshopped a lot of depth and reflections into the paint finish but in reality you must see it to believe it that we really didn’t have to do much in the way of editing. Instead we just had to pick our angles right so that we reflected the right portion of our ambience to avoid getting a really busy background and reflection in the car making the picture look too cluttered.


As our objective was to photograph for their website and brochure we knew that we needed to have a full frame camera on hand with some decent glass and minimal lighting giving the nature of the product. The kit we used for this shoot was a 5D Mark-III with a 70-200mm F2.8 II lens and 24-105mm lens paired with two video lights and three speed lights with no reflectors or modifiers.


The reason we did not use modifiers was because when lighting the car the hardness or softness of your light does not really matter unless your light source is big enough. Our objective was only to light specific parts of a car for the paint to shine through and give way to some of the reflections that we had already set up. The shoot was fairly straight forward and not as technical as yoou might expect but that was because we had a specific use for these pictures in mind.