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Blue Synergy has had the pleasure of working with RYM on many occasions over the past three years. Having had the opportunity to work on everything from catalog photography to web design and creating promotional videos, Blue Synergy is proud to present you the branding efforts that went into RYM.


This is the most recent project we worked on together. The purpose of this video was to serve as an introductory video for RYM as a brand at a fashion show and to be used as a promotional video across social media. We were working on a tight schedule, so within three days we worked hard to shoot the model with our models, Shanette and Salacia, and then went on to editing and animating the video.




We have produced a lot of content over the past few years, such as the photos above. Each of these photoshoots served a different purpose, such as creating lookbook images for a new collection, or images for a variety of print and digital brochures and product catalogs, or portraits to highlight a new collection.


The videos above were created for the promotion of Reem’s website launch as well as the introduction of her collection in 2016.