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Universal Studio
8-12 Neal St, London



Premedion has everything from Spa treatments, Spa facilities, Recreation areas, Fitness services, Gym, Swimming pool and everything in between. This 2000m² facility is located on the 1st floor of MGM (Office Side).


Shooting for their photography portfolio and filming for the short YouTube/Instagram ad required our team to make quite a few trips to their venue, and each trip’s duration was easily 3+ hours. Covering a 2000m² area is not possible in a day or two, specially during working hours. Premedion was always kind enough to arrange for us our requirements for the days of the shoots. The staff at Premedion was very friendly and always ready to help out with anything. After a trip or two, it really felt like walking in-to our own house as the place just welcomed us in such a manner everytime.


Upon completing our content creation services, our team proceeded to handling their social media and paid advertisements on Instagram and FacebooK, which lead to a significant increase in online interaction and walk-in customers with seasonal promotions and interactive posts. To further enhance their social media presence, our team empowered Premedion’s staff with photography training, which saved Premedion significant costs for day-to-day marketing material and increased their social media activity.